These values make up what we believe and teach at Southern Heights.

  • Love

    We value God’s perfect love through Jesus Christ, genuinely loving others thereby transforming lives. Scripture reference: Romans 12:9

  • Serving / responsibility

    We value serving God by faithfully using our gifts to further His Kingdom for the purpose of building up the body of Christ. Scripture reference: I Peter 4:10

  • loyalty / honesty / integrity

    We value Christ’s example of loyalty, honesty and steadfastness towards us, therefore striving to project these attributes in our speech and conduct. Scripture reference: Titus 2:7-8

  • obedience

    We value the obedience modeled to us by Christ and seek to walk in the manner worthy of His calling. Scripture reference: Ephesians 4:1

  • evangelism

    We value the message given to us by the Lord Jesus Himself when He commanded us to be His witnesses both at home and abroad. Being empowered by the Holy Spirit we will share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ alone for eternal life. Scripture reference: Acts 1:8

  • discipleship

    We value the Great Commission as prescribed in God’s Word to seek diligently in making disciples of those who come to Christ through our witness. We will encourage them to grow in their faith by coming alongside them as mentors, leading them to a deep and strong walk with Christ. Scripture reference Matt. 28:18-20